Each year brings with it new trends and as 2019 ends, we shall take a look at what the furniture trends you need to be aware of in 2020. 

  •  Curved Pieces

Move over rectangular furniture as curved furniture is the way forward in 2020. Gently shaped curves will the new trend in furniture as we move away from the standard rectangular shaped furniture.

  • Vintage

Vintage is back and the belief that young people don’t want hand-me-down furniture is simply untrue!  This year it’s all about appreciating the past and antiques belonging to the 18th and 19th century, which were once undervalued, will now be most appreciated.  Expect to see vintage furniture mixed in with more contemporary pieces as the shift from being trendy has now moved to being unique. 

  •  Barstools

Forget the idea that bar stools belong in the kitchen as we will be seeing them crop up in the workplace. As we spend more time working from counters and higher-up tables,  barstool will definitely increase in popularity this year as they are such a versatile piece of furniture. 

  •  Beautiful Blue

According to Pantone, classic blue is the colour of the year. Furniture in a multitude of blues will be all the rage and blue will be regarded as a neutral colour this year, as beige and grey have been.

  • Bespoke Items

We’re getting bored of buying the same old furniture and the style has now changed so that buyers look to purchase items that have been hand made and customised. The internet and social media have enabled many new, boutique furniture companies to surface. This means people are now able to create individual pieces of furniture, instead of having to buy mass-made furniture that everyone else also owns.

  •  Outdoor Furniture

The options available for outdoor furniture will increase in 2020 and it will be that good that outdoor furniture could even be used indoors.

  • Nature: Rattan, Wicker and Cane

Expect to see furniture made from these materials as we head towards more natural-looking furniture in 2020.

  • Plus Size

Furniture will be getting a little chunkier this year as plump and rounded designs ooze comfort.  When we want to relax, the last thing we want to sit on is a stiff-looking piece of furniture. We would prefer to be able to sink into our sofa and feel it mould to us. This trend is on the rise as working from home and home cinemas are on the increase, so it makes sense that our homes adapt to these needs.